February 2020 Goals

Here is what I plan to do in February:

Healthy and Wellness Habit of the Month: Drink one gallon of water per day. This is such a challenge for me but I feel so much more energetic when I get it done!

From the 20 for 20 List:
1. I would like to have 2 dates with Andrew this month (my goal is weekly but we will both be out of town separately for two straight weekends so that might not be realistic this month).

2. Continue to celebrate birthdays better. Last month we celebrated Lily’s 17th birthday and I did a little better by using balloons and streamers, buying party supplies, and writing her a letter. This month is my dad’s 75th birthday and I have a plan to visit him and take him out to dinner!

3. Create one printable or digital art to sell.

And some more…

I’ll also be doing an intimacy challenge with Andrew that requires us to have deliberate physical intimacy every day, whether sexual or non-sexual.

AND one more thing I am really eager to try: I want to check my email only twice per day, which means I think the best thing to do is take it off my phone! I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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