January Goals Recap

I feel pretty good about how I did this month despite some serious setbacks. I got into a car accident and my minivan was totaled (no injuries). That is just another financial blow for us while Andrew is still unemployed. It’s our second auto accident in the last 3 months and we also had to file a homeowner’s claim in October!

In January I wanted to do the following:

  • Walk at least one mile per day. DONE. I have walked at least one mile every day this month and will continue this habit into February.
  • Spend at least 10 minutes outside per day. DONE. I did this no matter the weather, which is a huge deal for me. I hate being cold and will usually do everything I can to avoid bad weather.
  • Build back my Etsy shop inventory. DONE. Although I am still low because I can’t refill faster than folks are buying, which is great.
  • Make a decision on a membership model for Pretty Old Books. DONE. I decided I am not doing this for now. I’m going to focus on exploring ways to teach others how to make money selling books instead.

I also made some progress on my 20 for 20 list, including continuing habits I already have: pushups every time I drink coffee, 8am-6pm eating window, reading two per week. I also ran twice (start running again), starting doing at-home yoga daily (I’ll do this until we can afford hot yoga again), and started the year with a monthly health challenge (walking and outdoor time).

Also, I finally decided that I wasn’t managing to stay ahead of my growing depression and went back on Wellbutrin. It’s been so many years since I took medication that I can’t help but feel like a failure EVEN THOUGH I KNOW HOW STUPID THAT IS. I did what I could to keep it at bay. Sauna, daily outside and exercise time, talking with friends, etc. But it just wasn’t enough given the stressors I am facing and I am glad I finally acknowledged bow bad I was feeling and took action.

Looking forward to moving on to some new challenges in February!

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