How We Started A Story Hour (Accidently)

Last year I read a book called The Enchanted Hour about the value of reading aloud to children of all ages. It made me want to start a dedicated story hour with Jack in the evenings (not the same as bedtime stories), but I didn’t want to do this badly enough to actually, you know, […]

An Anti-Moderation Wake-Up Call

We all can expect (and hope) that as we age we become more nuanced, less harsh, more understanding, less judgemental. I like to believe that the more time we spend on the planet, the more we understand the huge diversity of lifestyles and beliefs and values out there that are very different from ours but […]

Coffee, Seasonal Depression, Books, and Chocolate

OK, here is a boring story about seasonal depression, coffee makers, books, and monk fruit. I had a really bad early December with some very challenging family problems. That lent itself to me feeling like I was getting seasonal depression as the dark days of winter descended and it got cold. One way that manifests […]